Protection Services for every Requirement

Protection Against Uncertainty

Life is unpredictable. While we can not foresee what might happen, we can prepare ourselves. Protecting yourself against some of the financial uncertainties in life offers peace of mind in an uncertain world. Our flexible range of protection services have been created for just that purpose.

Our specialists believe a rigorous advice process is the key to successfully protecting your family and your business from unexpected events. We have developed a Protection Service that is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client.

Our Process

Identify Protection Objectives

We work with you to identify your financial goals and the risks that might prevent you from reaching these goals. Whether you need to protect your business, income or dependants, we can help. There are various protection cover options available to people in Ireland. We work with our clients to help them select the best cover, ensuring they are protected against the unexpected.

Milestone Advisory Protection Services

Protection Discovery Meeting

We work with you to gain a complete understanding of your current overall financial position. This research will include:

  • Understand your family and business profile.
  • Clarify your full protection requirements and place monetary value on these.
  • Gain clarity of value of existing protection arrangements.
  • Identify any protection gaps.
  • Gain clarity of existing protection premiums and identify cost saving opportunities.
Milestone Advisory - Protection

Research the market

We identify possible product solutions, ensuring we consider a range of variables, which include:

  • Provider financial strength
  • Features and benefits of products available in the market
  • Cost analysis of products available in the market.
  • Understanding of provider’s track record in relation to claims payment.
  • Understanding of underwriting requirements for each provider
  • Customer service capability of provider

Once these considerations have been clarified, we then negotiate best terms with the chosen provider.

Implement the chosen product solution

In order to implement the best solution for your requirements, we work with you to complete the following:

  • Agree the recommended product with you.
  • Help you to complete the initial paperwork.
  • Explain and assist you with completion of all underwriting requirements of the provider.
  • Liaise with the provider on your behalf to ensure speedy implementation.
  • Ensure all documentation is finalised and in order.

Future Reviews

To ensure ongoing success for our clients, we schedule ‘future reviews’. As your circumstances change, we are there to review and restructure your cover, ensuring you and your family are protected. These future reviews include:

  • Monitor any changes in the cost landscape of protection plans that might be beneficial to you.
  • Implement future changes to your protection portfolio as required by you.