Milestone Advisory recently hosted a webinar with guest speaker Ian Slattery, Head of Investment Solutions at Zurich Ireland, discussing the benefits of a diversified portfolio of investment. Highlights included an overall Market Outlook:

  • Zurich maintain a preference for equities over other asseet classes.
  • Zurich hold a neutral position in bonds with an increased duration.
  • Key risks are that infaltion stays above certain levels that Central banks are comfortable with.

Muti asset funds such as the Zurich Prisma range, spread investments across variouys asset classes. These funds aim to balace risk and return.

Long term investors get rewarded and diversification helps to reduce the risk.


Benefits of time and diversification

Ian explains that since 1989, only on 2 occasions out of 28, the 5-year annualised performance was not positive (Zurich Balanced Fund).


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