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Insurance for Inheritance Tax Bills

Navigating the intricacies of financial planning, especially when it comes to safeguarding your family’s future, requires careful consideration and expert guidance. One avenue that merits attention, particularly for individuals with sizable estates, is the Section 72 Life Assurance Policy. In the latest Construction Magazine,  Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan explains. In essence, a Section 72 policy […]

Protecting your business: Key Person Insurance Explained

In the latest Construction Magazine, Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan reports. In the dynamic landscape of business operations, one truth remains constant: the pivotal role played by exceptional individuals in driving success. However, what if fate takes an unexpected turn, jeopardising the linchpin of your enterprise? Enter Key Person Insurance, a strategic financial tool offered by […]

Market Outlook 2024

In the latest edition of Irish Building Magazine, Darragh Hogan looks at the year ahead. In 2023, economic resilience surpassed previous pessimistic forecasts, as most asset classes experienced gains amidst decreasing inflation and robust economic expansion. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as a driving force behind increased earnings and equity returns, notably propelled […]

The Art of the Budget

Mastering the art of budgeting, even with limited resources, is an invaluable skill that can significantly enhance your financial wellbeing. A budget serves as a miniature roadmap indicating how you intend to allocate your funds within a specified timeframe. Becoming adept at budgeting empowers you to make informed decisions about your expenditures, instilling a heightened […]

Eight Keys to a Fulfilled Retirement Life

In our recent webinar by Milestone Advisory, guest speaker Declan Lawlor, Consultant at Retirement Planning Council of Ireland, shared 8 keys to a fulfilled Retirement Life. They are: Having a positive attitude towards your future. A clear vision of the type of life that you want. A healthy approach to mental and physical ageing. A […]

Benefits of Diversification

Milestone Advisory recently hosted a webinar with guest speaker Ian Slattery, Head of Investment Solutions at Zurich Ireland, discussing the benefits of a diversified portfolio of investment. Highlights included an overall Market Outlook: Zurich maintain a preference for equities over other asseet classes. Zurich hold a neutral position in bonds with an increased duration. Key […]

The Role of Interest Rate Hikes in Combating Inflation

Inflation poses a significant challenge to economic stability, eroding purchasing power and destabilising financial markets. Central banks play a crucial role in maintaining price stability, and one of the primary tools at their disposal is adjusting interest rates. Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan states, while interest rate hikes may have short-term economic implications, they are an […]

Make Your Money Work as Hard as Your People

In this edition, Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan looks at making your money work. Corporate treasurers have long been criticised for their conservative investment strategies, which often involve keeping large cash reserves in low-yielding savings accounts. While such strategies may provide a sense of security in the short term, they can limit a company’s ability to […]

Embracing Change – The Rise of ESG Initiatives in Irish Pension Schemes

In recent years, Irish pension schemes have undergone a significant transformation, as they have increasingly embraced Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan writes, this shift reflects a growing awareness among pension providers, regulators, and beneficiaries about the potential risks and opportunities associated with sustainability and responsible investing. This article delves into […]

Pension Contributions in Uncertain Times: Balancing Market Volatility and Long-Term Planning

In uncertain times, individuals may be apprehensive about making contributions to their pension plans, given the volatility in investment markets. However, it is important to understand the numerous benefits of personal pension contributions and how to navigate market fluctuations. Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan writes. One of the most significant benefits of personal pension contributions is […]

Corporate Investment Bonds: Beat inflation and Maximise Returns

In today’s economic landscape, watching your company’s cash reserves languish in low-interest savings accounts can be a frustrating experience. With interest rates on the rise, it’s time to re-evaluate your company’s investment strategy and start positioning yourself for long-term success. The solution? Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan proposes investing in corporate investment bonds – a pathway […]

The Power of Financial Advice: Savings and Investments

Our mission here at Milestone Advisory, is to empower members of the construction and related industries with expert financial advice. We firmly believe that making informed decisions around personal finances is crucial for achieving long-term financial security and freedom. Darragh Hogan from Milestone Advisory explains that through our expert financial planning and advice, we help […]

Unlocking the Power of Financial Advice: A Path to Stronger Protection Policies

Recent research undertaken by Brokers Ireland highlights a stark difference between those who avail of financial advice, and those who don’t. A staggering 52% of advised respondents owned life assurance policies, compared to just 23% among non-advised individuals. According to Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan, this stark contrast underpins the instrumental role financial advisors play in […]

A summary of the 2023 Market and Outlook for Investors

Based on investment conferences attended and digesting of various economic analysis, we are pleased to provide you with an update on the economic market performance for 2023 so far and offer insights into what we can expect for the remainder of the year. Milestone Advisory’s Darragh Hogan says “our aim is to present this information […]

Families and Your Financial Future

For those who have started a family, it is a joyful and thrilling experience. My wife and I welcomed our first child last year and while it has been an amazing experience, a new arrival brings lots of change. I have seen first-hand how you must adapt a new way of living. If you’re not […]

Understanding what we do…

It’s the last day in January and while some of us are battling to keep our New Years’ resolutions, many are looking at the year ahead and planning for their long term future. We have always said that you don’t need to be rich to benefit from financial advice – but you do have to […]