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2021 So Far: Construction Magazine

In this month’s Construction Magazine, Susan considers the year to date from an investment perspective. Looking at 2021 so far, it is clear that as we continue to navigate through the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is certain and that is that nothing is certain. We had started to turn the corner on […]

The Trouble with Cash: CIF Guest Post

For businesses, the logic of viewing cash as a safe haven asset has been eroded over the last decade. If you are holding cash in a trading account or company account now is the time to reconsider. Susan, from Milestone Advisory discussed the issues with holding cash on the CIF website. To read the full […]

How Safe is Your Future?

In this month’s Construction Magazine, Susan applies the mission statement of Construction Safety Week 2020 to planning your future personal finances.   With this year’s Construction Safety Week wrapped up, I reflected on the mission statement and considered how it could apply to personal finance. I have applied some of the logic to the key […]

Attracting Skilled Staff with Benefits

A benefits package plays a crucial part of attracting and retaining great staff. There are skills and labour shortages in the construction sector and these shortages are for both professionals, such as project managers and quantity surveyors and for tradespeople and general operatives. Attract and Retain Considering these shortages, it becomes all the more critical […]

Remembering Our Losses – Not the Recovery

In this month’s Construction Magazine, Susan writes when it comes to your pension, you should stay the course of your investment strategy. No doubt, at this point, you have heard reference to the Great Depression of the 1930s. While there are technical similarities, we live in a very different world with very different economic and […]

Life Cover and Covid-19

The last few months have been a stressful time for humanity. The mental load of worries and concerns arising from Covid-19 are many and varied. Humans are resilient and while we adjust to our new ways of working, shopping and restricted travel, there are still new worries arising for many of us as pandemic lingers […]

Financial Guidance During a Crisis

During this Covid -19 pandemic, one thing is certain and that is that nothing is certain and stock markets do not like uncertainty. Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed the shortest sharpest shock to the stock market in history. World Equities fell by close to 30% YTD to 23 March 2020. It is […]

What is going on with the State Pension?

The State pension has had a lot of attention over the past few weeks. In this month’s Construction Magazine, Susan outlines what issues should be considered when discussing it. From 2021, the age at which a person becomes entitled to collect the State pension will increase from 66 to 67. This increase has been the […]

Planning for your retirement?

We mean two things when we talk about planning for retirement.  The first plan is to set up a pension scheme, either a personal pension or participation in your employer sponsored occupational pension scheme.  Then you will need to regularly contribute, throughout your working life with the aim of accumulating a pot of money, which […]

Is Life Cover Important?

Mortgage Protection Versus Life Cover I frequently get asked this by clients and friends alike…they go on to say “I have mortgage protection anyway, sure that’s the same thing right?” Yes, and No. Mortgage Protection is indeed Life Cover. It will pay off any outstanding balance on your mortgage if you die and it is […]