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The Life Cycle of your Financial Needs in Ireland

Throughout your working life, your financial needs will change and evolve. A clear understanding of the life-cycle of your financial needs will help you prioritise your goals and objectives and ensure you are steering your finances in the right direction. At Milestone Advisory, this is how we see your financial life-cycle. Early years (early 20’s […]

Lessons learned since the financial crisis

Late 2007 brought the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis, considered to be on par with the Great Depression. The crisis was triggered in the US as the housing bubble burst and the combination of subprime lending and the complex financial structures underpinning the debt caused a wave of problems for global financial institutions. There […]

Phishing, Cybersecurity

When you hear the word ‘Phishing’, you might think it refers to the relaxing hobby or sport of catching a fish with a hook or worm.  You might be close if you consider that with Phishing, you are the fish and email is the hook or worm.