Savings and investments

Our mission here at Milestone Advisory, is to empower members of the construction and related industries with expert financial advice. We firmly believe that making informed decisions around personal finances is crucial for achieving long-term financial security and freedom. Darragh Hogan from Milestone Advisory explains that through our expert financial planning and advice, we help clients identify and achieve their financial objectives, ensuring that their goals are met.

The Impact of Financial Advice

The value of expert financial advice cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in optimising current financial standing and preparing for unforeseen events. Research conducted by Brokers Ireland revealed that advised individuals have 60% more in savings and investments compared to those who did not seek financial advice. Beyond the tangible financial gains, seeking expert advice has a profound impact on overall well-being and financial confidence. Clients who use financial advice report feeling more in control of their finances, with 58% expressing increased confidence after seeking advice. Additionally, 93% of advised individuals consider a good return on investment important, showing their proactive approach to financial planning.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges

Our approach is centred around understanding the specific challenges and requirements of each client. By devising innovative financial solutions, we ensure that our clients’ goals are not only met but exceeded. With tailored financial plans, we guide clients in making informed decisions, optimising tax entitlements, and achieving their long-term financial aspirations. Engaging with a Financial Broker has clear benefits, leading to improved financial well-being and paving the way towards long-term financial success. Please feel free to reach out to us at For the latest updates, subscribe to our newsletter here.